We’re two old friends who decided to walk away from our jobs in corporate America, see the world and join creative forces in pursuit our own life agenda. Now we’re in Amsterdam, living the Dutch Life.

Amber M.
Steph N.

How did I end up living in Amsterdam, traveling to places I still need to look up on a map while doing what I love? It’s almost a cliché story. Unfulfilled at my core, I left my sunny L.A. life, a job in advertising, sold everything but my clothes and moved to Madrid. That was three years ago, and I haven't looked back since.  What can I say? I believe in jumping off the cliff. Why not? It's just life, and it's not going to live itself. Since my days in Madrid, fate guided me to Amsterdam where I now reside.

I love being a global citizen. I’m still finding my way but I have no regrets about following my own path. Even though it can be scary and uncertain at times, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve also figured out how to see the world on a budget. Traveling has always been my number one passion and now I can say I’m living my dream. I want to experience as many ways of being as possible. See as many people and places as possible. I think this world is bursting with beauty, and we need only choose to see it. I'm determined to see as much beauty in this life as possible and do all I can to inspire others to see it too.

I’m Stephanie, Soy Stephanie now Ik ben Stephanie. Here I am learning a third language; I'll probably be an even faster talker. I find myself in Amsterdam after a few years of personal loss, soul-searching and trying to figure out how to fill my blank canvas. After the elections and asking myself what I want, I decided I want to see the world and spend time developing my design style. 

I'm not sure exactly when I decided to move; I just know that one day I felt trapped and I wanted to be free to fly. I wanted to experience sunrise and sunsets in other countries, immerse myself in a new world and culture. To see all the places my mother never got a chance to see.


Portfolio: stephanienunez.com

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