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Hoi! I'm Am, serial wanderer and believer in life without borders. Expat Travel Diaries chronicles the challenges and beauty I encounter while living abroad. Keep reading for my take on Dutch culture, advice on how to see far away lands on a budget, and highlights of budding artists. 

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September 23, 2017

New Orleans! The place to be if your are an artist of any kind. This little big city provides some great spaces for up and coming...

September 9, 2017

I had the most wonderful experience in Marrakesh but the truth is, I can't wait to get back - to restock my beauty finds!

July 16, 2017

I decided to book the Cuban people-to-people educational program with Atlas Obscura. I’ve always loved the offbeat events they’ve offered...

July 10, 2017

My solo trip to Cuba was an emotional one, my attraction was simply that it was a place my mother wanted to visit. We had discussed going for years.

June 6, 2017

During my latest trip, on the Bulgarian coast, I noticed numerous shops dedicated entirely to rose based products.

June 4, 2017

What did we learn on our last-minute trip to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast? Here’s the rundown.

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I'm Am, a freelance content writer living in Amsterdam since 2015. I'm a student in the art of experiences and relish conquering new frontiers. Enjoy my weekly feature articles about my quest to be a global citizen. Guest contributions and original photography by Steph N.

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Open Monuments Day Amsterdam

8 Sepetember - 9 September 2018│10 pm - 5 pm

Various locations

Admission: Free of charge

Klassiek op het Amstelveld

15 September 2018│10:30 am - 10 pm


1017 JD Amsterdam

Admission: Free of charge

Unseen Amsterdam

21 September - 23 September│Fri. 12 pm - 10 pm, Sat. 11 am - 8 pm, and Sun 11 am - 5 pm


Klonne plein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam

Admission: Ticket prices vary from €16.50 to €25

The Life of Buddha Exhibition

16 September - 3 February│10 am - 5 pm

De Nieuwe Kerk

Dam, 1012 JS Amsterdam

Admission: Ticket prices vary


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