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Each country has its unique beauty ingredients and practices. Traveling is a great way to score hard to find or otherwise expensive gems. Yes, I confess I’m a beauty product junkie (PJ). I'm especially a sucker for an all-natural miracle product. Others are buying souvenirs; I'm packing as many 3 oz. beauty treasures, as I can fit in my carry-on.

Rose Store in Old Nessebar Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

During my latest trip, on the Bulgarian coast, I noticed numerous shops dedicated entirely to rose based products. When I say entirely, I mean every single item in the store was made with rose oil. When asked about it, the shopkeeper proudly explained that there is an entire region, dubbed Valley of the Rose in central Bulgaria, dedicated to growing the Rosa Damascena for rose oil production. I later discovered that rose oil is Bulgaria’s most popular export, boasting a near impressive 70% of the world’s exports.

Like a kid in a candy store, I stocked up on various products with the hope that they would help sooth my skins irritations. Two years ago, upon moving to Europe, I developed eczema. In all my research for relief, I’ve read that rose oil is notorious for its hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are some elements needed to alleviate some of the symptoms. I decided to layer up in rose oil products to see if it would help. I was not disappointed!

All the below products calm and hydrate my itchy skin. They also smell amazing. Not to mention they’re high quality and the price is right. If you're curious and aren't visiting Bulgaria anytime soon, click the links below.

Bulgarian Rose Oil Products Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Yoghurt of Bulgaria – Probiotic Face Cream (3 Leva = €1.50). Extremely thick. A little goes a long way. Great for dry or mature skin.

Rose of Bulgaria – Lady’s Lip Balm (1 Lev = €.50) Paraben free with UV protection. Beeswax based with Vitamin E and Shea tree oil. Thick application, hydrating and long lasting.

Natural Rose Water (5 Leva = €3.50) All natural and paraben free from the Kazanlak “Valley of the Roses” region. Can be used as a facial toner, refresher or aromatizer.

Rose of Bulgaria – Lotion (3 Leva = €1.50) A bit watery but extremely moisturizing. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Refan – Olive Age-Defying Hydrating Spray (5 Leva = €3.50) – Contains Olive Leaf Extract. Tames frizz and leaves hair soft.

What beauty finds have you discovered on your travels? Tell us in the comments below!

Til' next time. Travel light, Travelbugs!



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