Bulgaria Know’s & Do’s

What did we learn on our last-minute trip to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast? Here’s the rundown.

Slevin Village Store front Cyrilic Script Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Basic English is widely spoken which is great because unless you understand Cyrillic Script, Bulgarian is almost impossible to read. Fun Fact: Cyrillic Script originated in Bulgaria during the 9th century, not Russia, as many people believe.

Need Bulgarian Leva Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

The currency is the Bulgarian Lev, not the euro. An uncomplicated way to keep track of spending is to divide half the cost (10 leva = 5 euro, approx.) Bulgaria is a relatively inexpensive country so the euro/dollar can go a long way which is a huge factor for us traveling on a dime.

Анжело Руменов - Best Animator Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Bulgarians shake their heads to mean yes and nod for no. Yes, it’s very confusing.

Raika...And Done! Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Most restaurants serve selections a la carte, and the fare is typically seafood. If you’re not into fish, Shopska Salad is a simple must try, and soup. Any soup. The soups are phenomenal. Also, sample the traditional Rakia. It’s sort of like a white wine only 20 times stronger. One and done. Trust us.

Zheravana Village Residents Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Visit Zheravna Village at the foot of the Balkan Mountains and see the wooden houses of the 18th and 19th century.

Hidden Mural in St. Stephen Church Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Tour the medieval Orthodox Christian Churches and ruins of Old Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The murals in St. Stephen Church, are particularly stunning. If you're lucky, Vanesa will let you peek at the altar behind the curtain.

Balkan Mountain - Ski Lift Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Take a death-defying ski lift down the Balkan Mountains. Gliding down a 1,500-meter-high mountainside in a rickety lift with no real safety device to keep us from falling to our deaths probably isn't the smartest thing we've ever done. However, it was an exhilarating (and terrifying) experience we'd recommend for more adventurous travelers.

Minkov Brother Winery Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Bulgaria is wine country. Wine tasting is a must. We recommend Minkov Brother Winery, one of the most popular in the region.

Sozopol Coast Photo Credit: Stephanie Nunez

Sail around the Greek-influenced ancient seaside town of Sozopol and enjoy the tranquility of the Black Sea. Take in the quiet beauty of the moment.

Check out more of our adventure along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast below!

Til' next time. Travel light, Travelbugs!



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