A Place for My Nomadic Soul: Confessions of a Serial Wanderer

New Orleans born and raised, I’ve always wanted to see the world. The compulsion to see and experience different countries and cultures has been resting inside me since I was a kid. Images of magnificently wondrous places dance in my head and I wanted to see it all. Blame my mother, growing up she constantly planted the idea of traveling the world and living in some foreign land. As soon as I was able, off I went to college in Virginia. It was as close to New York as my father would allow.

Curious wanderer. Those are the two words I’d use to describe myself. My father would cringe at that description. One should have a foundation – be solid. Grow roots! I agree. To a degree. The problem is, I can’t seem to find my place. After many years spent wondering if my persistent restless state was normal, I’ve finally accepted the nomadic nature of my soul.

I’ve lived in a few places, forever searching for that sweet spot, somewhere that will make me want to stay put. The perfect combination of a diverse, forward-thinking society that matches my progressive values, but still somehow has the potential to surprise me every day.

Moving to New York City had been my childhood fantasy. Ever the big city dreamer, even as an adolescent. I did move to NYC after college and lived there for six glorious years. Until one day, I was just over it. Now I love the heart and soul of New York, but it was like life was on hyper speed. Times a thousand. Nope, I needed to breathe.

L.A. sounded nice, I’d been there once. Sort of. A huge perk of working at a large international company is that you can put in a transfer request, which I did. Los Angeles was heartbreak and awakenings. I spent seven beautiful years there, then one day I felt like I was suffocating. Dramatic, I know. I had begun traveling abroad twice a year, and life in Los Angeles felt like it was coming to an end. Living in the U.S. just felt… Done. Sometimes, you can’t explain a knowing. I knew I had to live a different way, in a different place. It already was. I only had to take the steps for everything to play out.

How did it play out? Well, I found myself in Spain. Why you ask? It was the easiest path I saw at the time. “Just get there”, I kept telling myself. There, meaning the other side of the world. In August 2014 Madrid became home and it gave me everything I needed.

Where to now? Amsterdam! I knew it instantly when a friend suggested I visit. He thought I was nuts. “Why don’t you see what it’s like first.” Doesn’t matter. Amsterdam is it. I can already picture it in my head. It’s the perfect combination I’ve been trying to find. I think.


- am

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