Moroccan Beauty Secrets

I had the most wonderful experience in Marrakesh but the truth is, I can't wait to get back - to restock my beauty finds! Yes, this PJ (product junkie) has a serious problem but I swear Morocco has the best beauty secrets.

The below products are available in many but I recommend Marakech Herboristerie in Medina as most of the products are certified.

Argan Oil - Produced from the Argan tree indigenous to Morocco, this rich oil seems to be their most prized product. It can be used for culinary (food grade) or cosmetic purposes. To make sure that the oil you purchase is pure, look for the AB certified label. Take advantage and stock up, outside of Morocco this oil is very expensive.

Black Soap - Used in the hammam ritual to cleanse, this olive based soap is great for exfoliating in conjunction with the kessa glove . It's the texture of butter and does wonders for the complexion. It also calms my eczema quite nicely as well.

Eczema Cream - It's that simple. No ingredients listed but I swear on everything this stuff works! When ever I have contact dermatitis sores, I rub on a little cream and it heals within a few days. My only regret is that I only bought one jar.

Ghassoul Clay Mask - Mined in the Atlas Mountains this mineral rich and high in magnesium, silica and potassium leaves your skin soft and smooth. It unclogs pores and improves skin clarity.

Cactus face cream - This moisture rich cream is Ah-mazing for parched, dull skin.

Aker Fassi - I love, love, love this natural Berber lipstick made from poppy leaves and pomegranate. Simply moisten your finger then smooth over your lips. Violá! You've got an all natural long-lasting lipstick. One terracotta pot can last about a year.

If you're anything like me then Morocco is your beauty mecca. Your welcome.

Til' next time. Travel light, Travelbugs!



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