New Orleans: The CoolNasty Experience

New Orleans! The place to be if your are an artist of any kind. This little big city provides some great spaces for up and coming, as well as established artists. One of the most popular stages in the city is the CoolNasty Jam and the People's Health New Orleans Jazz Market, hosted by the one and only "Millennial Arsenio" DC Paul, comedian and all around dope person. The house band is what makes this particular stage so special. The CoolNasty Band are the main event every Wednesday night, they are so good they either know any song you could want to sing, or can make it up as they go. They have original music and play frequently around the city. Other things you can look forward to on Wednesday night at the Jazz Market are the vendors and the drinks. Can somebody say support black business?! These amazing vendors every night. You need jewelry? They’ve got it. Candles that double as body oil? They have that too! Tee shirts, makeup, food, organic smoothies, and the freshest fruit in the city, the Jazz Market has it all. Below is a list of the handles for the most frequent vendors that you can find on any given Wednesday.

Perfektly Flawed Stick Together Brand

Magnolia Makeup Ascent Blends @UglyBettyBoycrush @ArtistCreatorThreat


Waist Love

Koekje Cupcakes

Froot Orleans Open Hands Cafe Jazz Market is one of those places that not everyone knows about, but should. It's free, there are always amazing artists like Josh Kagler, Erika Flowers and Rahim Glaspy, and this only scratches the surface of the talent that blesses this stage week after week! You will also hear a few poets but this night is all about the music. The CoolNasty Jam is also a surprisingly ideal time to network with fellow artists and business owners. You really can find whatever you need at Jazz Market on a Wednesday night. The CoolNasty Jam is an experience that you'll want to add to your weekly agenda after one visit. So, if you find yourself in New Orleans on a trip, or need a mid-week late night good time to pull you through the work week, definitely make your way to 1436 Aretha Castle Haley Blvd. for 10 pm (nine pm if you want to make sure you have a spot on the open mic list), and be prepared for a great time. You also have a choice of stages, #TeamCool #TeamNasty or #TeamSwingsBothWays.

- Aria

*Aria McGee is an up and coming singer, poet and blogger. Check her out on Black Girl Blogs.

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