Masters of LXRY- 2017 Design Edition

Do you ever daydream about the wonderous world available to the uber rich and fabulous? Thanks to our Creative Collective partner, Ariel Tinsey, Steph and I were able to see how one-percenters really live. Ariel sent us invites to a Sepehr Maghsoudi fashion show at Masters of Luxury, a five-day event held 6 -10 December at RAI Amsterdam. The massive expo featured every opulent item imaginable. By the end of the night, I had to reassess my situation because clearly, I have not been living my best life.

Fashion, jewelry, skin care, interior design, cars, boats (excuse me, yachts), you name it, were all exhibited throughout the enormous space. There was important hobnobbing and networking, new product launches, limited editions, and haute culinary creations, all available for us privileged, beautiful people. I, of course, gravitated towards the breathtaking art.

There was striking photography from Micky Hoogendijk and Loek Van Walsem, as well as delightful sculptures by Yvonne Telleman. I was particularly drawn to paintings from Astrid Klaasse Bos, Alisa Lim A Po, and Anita de Leeuw. Several galleries also participated, including showings by Okker Art Gallery, Gallerie Azerty, and Public Art House (technically “…not a f*cking gallery”– their motto, not mine). Experiencing all these great works in one space inspired me to get my act together, so that I can own one of these magnificent pieces one day (soon!)

On to the gorgeous modes of transportation. Now I’m not what you would call a woman who’s into cars, but I can appreciate a work of art, in any form. High-end stunners from Bentley, Aston Martin, and Dream Car Drivers (Lamborghini, Porche, and Ferrari) all presented automobiles too special to actually drive. No really, they were so posh that I was too intimidated to sit in the car for a photo op! That’s not all, also in the building were Boss Custom Classics motorcycles, E-bikes by Electra, and Connie's Creative Car Concept, with the fanciest compact city car I’ve ever seen. And the yachts, let’s not forget the yachts - Cooper Studio, Lengers Yachts, and Orange Yachting all came out to play.

Sepehr Maghsoudi, the main event, began their Urge Collection with a weirdly wonderful interpretive dance, choreographed by Nanska van de Laar. The line consisted of both men and women’s attire. Models strutted down the runway with red-tinged foreheads as they cat walked in lush knits and plaid woolen coats. Maghsoudi also launched Dress for Charity at the event where proceeds of the Maghsoudi x Masters of LXRY dress, benefited the Cruyff Foundation.

After the Sepehr show, there was still so much to take in, like the exquisite Bloomfield bridal gowns, jewelry by Gassan, Cartier and Chopard, Bennie Blij French-inspired food truck fare, and so much more. We spent a few hours making sure we saw all that there was to offer and had an awesome time getting our snooty on while rubbing elbows with the Dutch elite. Thanks Ariel!

Want to experience the upper crust lifestyle for yourself? This year’s LXRY list for the 2018 Genius Edition is now available. Or maybe you or have a luxury brand and want to participate. Registration is now open. The 2018 event will be held 6 - 10 December at RAI Amsterdam.


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