Mood Board: Everything is Precious and Nothing Last Forever


Old Man Winter hung around to the bitter end this year. Remnants of its rejuvenating slumber sent from Siberia began to freeze some of the canals. But alas, the renewing thaw of Spring is in the air. Warmer temperatures, longer days, the smell of hopes and dreams. I wander around my neighborhood, wondering how I got here. Full of gratitude for this journey, anxious about my chosen path, and excited for the future I decide it doesn’t matter, I’m here now. In the wise words of Kendrick Lamar, “Whatever you doin’, make it count.”


Even though my ultimate dream place to live is still France, I know was destined to be here. I’ve found my tribe in this creative mecca where art is everywhere, from the high to the low. Rijks and Van Gogh are cool, but I can also appreciate a reading monkey in an alleyway or a portrait with numbered days on a building under construction. All around the city you can find street art from quirky storefront murals to statements stenciled into concrete.


Sometimes, when I’m a few blocks from my apartment and I find myself in Dam Square, I stop for a sec, get present, and marvel at how far I have come. I live a hop, skip and a jump from the freaking Royal Palace for goodness sakes! I remember when I was in a teeny tiny rented room on the far edge of town, stressed out, wondering how I was going to finagle a visa to stay in the country. I realize now that back then I was in process to get to this very point. I still have so very far to go, but I take a deep breath and remember I'm still unfolding.


On my way to Werkplaats in Amsterdam Oost and instead of walking 20 blocks, I take the lazy route and head to Centraal Station. Being a freelancer with the ability to work from anywhere is a treat I’m still learning to navigate. I got into a habit of working from home and started turning into a hermit. I realized I needed the motivation of being in motion and the inspiration of being outside.


I passed this store and thought to myself, “Damn right, make it pop like pink champagne.” Surrounded by love, I have breath in my body, safe harbor in a beautiful environment, and a few bucks in the bank. I jumped off the cliff head first and found out I could fly. Life is good.


- am

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