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New to Amsterdam trying to think of ways to connect with native residents on a genuine level while discovering the city? The Dutch tradition of open-air markets is a great place to turn your tedious quest for provisions into an opportunity to support local farmers, artists, collectors, and craftsman while soaking in your new surroundings. Any day of the week you can take advantage one of the many bazaars hosted throughout the city by community organizations, co-ops, and associations. Each neighborhood has its special aspect so take grab your errand list, read below to locate a nearby market, and get out and enjoy a day of immersing yourself in Dutch culture, practicing your Dutch and connecting with new people.


Explore De Jordaan, one of the most famous neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Take in the surroundings that look like a living breathing postcard and enjoy the second oldest and arguably best flea market in the city.

At the foot of Noorderkerk in Noordermarkt Square meet vendors with high-end thrift clothes, rich textiles, antiques, and collectible bric-a-brac. Also among the array of eclectic items are international commodities like Electra’s lovely Indian Rosewood hand carvings, Artbatika’s carvings from Mozambique or cultural artifacts from Africa and Indonesia. Whether you unco a hidden 19th century gem at Attractive Arts and Antiques or score gorgeous handmade jewelry from the talented jewelry maker Danpae, the Flea Market on Noordermarkt is worth a visit.

Noordermarkt 48, 1015 NA Amsterdam

Open: Mondays, 9 am to 1 pm



Continue your excursion of De Jordaan and walk just a few steps from the Flea Market on Noordermarkt to Westerstraat, formally the Anjeliersgracht canal, which connects Noordermarkt and Marnixstraat. Here you can find the textile centric Westerstraat Markt.

Westerstraat Markt is the perfect place to hunt for the special fabric, leather, suede, trimmings, and materials you need to design. You can cinch bargains on high-quality clothes and shoes, some with authentic brand names, often from overstock with tiny defects offered at a discounted price. As you peruse and make your way through the narrow row of booths, take notice of the bags and purse, linen, toys, and hygiene products also available at a competitive price.

Westerstraat, 1015 LZ Amsterdam

Open: Mondays, 9am – 1pm


Albert Cuyp Markt

Spend the afternoon in trendy De Pijp in Oud-Zuid. After touring the nearby Heineken Experience take a leisurely stroll down Ferdinand Bolstraat with its many stores and restaurants, then discover the most popular market in all of Amsterdam.

Albert Cuyp Markt, the “largest day market in Europe”, has a staggering 260 stalls established along Albert Cuypstraat. This bustling market since 1905 has a myriad of products available – food, clothes, houseware, personal care, furniture, craft products, and typical Dutch fare are just a few examples of the items sold. The retail-heavy area often has merchants extend their goods from their store to the stall to be seen. Shop, nosh on a stroopwafel and enjoy the eclectic surroundings, as an added treat the market area also has wifi.

Albert Cuypstraat, 1073 BD Amsterdam

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm



Take care of all your shopping needs and get to know the up-and-coming Dapperbuurt in Amsterdam-Oost with a trip to Dappermarkt. The multi-cultural neighborhood’s bustling shopping center is populated with ethnic food stores, boutiques, specialty shops, and cafés. In the middle of it all is Dappermarkt, a massive market street established along span of store-lined Dapperstraat.

Get low-cost produce, poultry, flowers, linen, personal care, apparel, textiles and more all in one place. The century-old market established along the store lined Dapperstraat is one of the largest in Amsterdam with more than 250 vendors. The flea/farmer’s market hybrid is chocked full of items as diverse as the neighborhood. You absolutely must try Ilias Delicatessen’s delicious truffle tapenade and OME Tom’s classic poffertjes. If you’re searching for an extensive selection quality seafood, Zeevishandel De Graaf has the freshest fish around.

Dapperstraat 279, 1093 BS Amsterdam

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm



Tour the Grachtengordel area of Oud Centrum near Kalverstaat. Stroll down the tourist packed Singel then stop to smell the tulips at Europe’s only Floating Flower Markt

Resting on fixed barges in the Singel canal, Bloemen Markt shops carry a wide selection of bulbs, roots, seeds, plants and kitschy souvenirs. However, most of the sixteen enclosed stalls should be classified as garden shops as most don’t actually sell any flowers except the two stalls at each end of the market. Spring is in the air and Klaas Timmer Bloemen, located on the Muntplein end, has the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers. The prices in each stall are reasonable, and the flowers are high quality. If purchasing bulbs to take back to the United States., request those that have a health certificate and is pre-approved for export. Export of plants and roots are not permitted.

Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9am to 5:30 pm, and Sunday, 11 am to 5:30 pm



Get to know Centurm-Oost, view the scenic Amstel River while scrounging for buried treasures at the Netherlands’ oldest flea market.

Located adjacent to the Dutch National Opera and Ballet Theatre lies Waterloo Market, a huge flea market with up to 300 stalls. The Centrum-Oost based market hosts almost any second-hand and vintage item you can think of. Pack your patience and check out the booths brimming with clothes and shoes as well as the many book, artwork, Amsterdam themed souvenirs, leather goods, and used bikes vendors. Haggling is commonplace at so no need to feel apprehensive about negotiating the price.

Waterlooplein 2, 1011 AL Amsterdam

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9:30 am to 6 pm



Venture to Oud-West just off the retail-populated Kinkerstraat to Ten Katestraat where you will discover the perfect neighborhood market.

Ten Kate, a mid-sized market which is over a 100-year-old, features mostly edibles from fresh produce to prepared food. Get your local cheese and deli meats from Boer Geert or stop by Het Warme Nolengilde for an assortment of dried fruit and nuts. Also available are flowers, personal care, luggage, and used bikes.

Ten Katestraat 97-99, 1053 CC Amsterdam

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm



Kick-off your Friday afternoon by feeding your inner nostalgic bookworm at Het Boeken Markt op de Spui, This Spui Book Market Association weekly affair, held near famed Dam Square, is a literary lover’s dream.

Internationally known, Het Boeken Markt is chock full of everything you need to play historian. Research old documents and hunt for second-hand, rare and out-of-print books that run the gamut in language and subject matter while you peruse the numerous stations. You can find rare 18th-century collector editions, as well as modern works like Manal Al-Sharif’s compelling memoir - “Daring to Drive,” at Fenix Books. If your interests are lighter, Magic Galaxies carries Sci-Fi and Fantasy books in English and KinderBoeken offers enchanting Nederlandse pop-upboeken voor kinderen. Also waiting to be discovered among all the captivating reads are gorgeous Indian, Africa, Japan and Indonesian Ethnographic Art Books not to mention all the vintage magazines, periodicals, postcards, prints, and vinyl.

Spui 12, 1012 XA Amsterdam

Open: Fridays, 10 am to 6 pm (Year-round)



After a leisurely Saturday afternoon stroll through Museumplein, trek on over to the corner of Jacob Obrechtstraat and Johannes Verhulstsraat in Oud-Zuid where you’ll find a lovely sustainable biologische market managed by the neighborhood run cooperative.

ZuiderMRKT is a winner with everything you need for a springtime get together – seasonal fruit and vegetables, artisanal cheese, meat, fish, nuts, bread, and of course flowers and wijn. It features a host of organic and craft products, ranging from Brandt and Levie assorted pork delicacies to Raspberry Maxx’s aptly named delicious raspberry infused treats. Coffee enthusiast, don't miss Dave’s Koffiebranderijs fair/direct trade coffee and tea selections. Throughout the market, specialty items such as exotic cultivated mushrooms from De Boleet, the most specialized champignons seller in the region, gourmet Olives and More are available for you to smakelijk eten. There’s also several food stand’s where dishes are prepared on the spot, so make sure to try the crepes with aardbien and Nutella or lekker Indonesian food.

If you live in the area and are interested in joining the cooperative, there is a €50 one-time fee, and a part-time obligation to assist help in the fruit/vegetable stall once per quarter. The benefit is a 20% market discount for members as well as socializing and community building opportunities.

Jacob Obrechtstraat & Johannes Verhulststraat

Open: Saturday, 9:30 am to 5 pm



Take in the specialty shops, cafes and t many art galleries along the picturesque Prinsengracht canal as you head to the Boerenmakrt in the quaint Centrum neighborhood of De Jordaan. The thirty year long gathering is where environmentally-friendly farmers and merchants come to Noordermarkt Square with their organic offerings.

The Dutch Farmer’s Market, located at the foot of Noorderkerk, boasts an array of locally grown fruit and vegetables, exotic mushroom varieties, Dutch cheeses, fresh vlees and seafood to start. Among the many stalls is biological butcher Chris Dammers, French bread makers Le Perron, and niche products like SuperFoods’ supplements.

In addition to all those delectable edible options, there’s another side of the market with vintage clothing and kitschy jewelry vendors. For those in the market for unique keepsakes, you can also find leather-bound journals, old postcards, artwork, second-hand books and more.

Noordermarkt 42B, 1015

Open: Saturday, 9 am to 4pm



As you continue to explore Old Amsterdam’s De Jordaan, just a short distance from the Farmer’s Market at Noordermarkt, rests Lindengracht Markt.

Situated on an enclosed canal, the almost 120-year-old market also carries a plethora of verse items including produce, dairy, bread, and high-quality seafood. Choose from a wide assortment of nuts, Polderkaas’ cow, goat, and sheep cheese or select select from variant French dried sausages supplied by Bonzol. In addition to fruits and flowers, you can find goods such as apparel, used books, and handmade jewelry just to name a few.

Lindengracht, 1015 JX Amsterdam

Open: Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm



Bypass the gallery middleman with a Sunday visit to Artplien in Spui Square. The Centrum based Art Market, sponsored by Stichting Amsterdam International Artists (SAIA), is surrounded by iconic cafes and bookstores making it the idyllic setting for a weekend outing.

Every Sunday a group of artists bring their original works to the popular quarter to find their labors of love a new home. The 25-year-old weekly market consists of approximately 26 stalls with a rotating host of Dutch and foreign visual artists whose incredible techniques range from ceramist Jos van Alphen sculptural approach to classical pottery to Cil Laurens intricate graphic pattern work with ink on wood. Whether it’s delightful papier-mache figurines by Connie van Rumpt, emotionally-charged affirmations experimentally woven into paper materials by Musiq Republic or Belinda Tahapary ’s hand-painted Japanese flower motifs painted on silk, there is something for everyone.

Spui, 1012 XA Amsterdam

Open: Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm (March through Decemeber)

Let us know if you've been to any really cool, unique markets in the comment section below!

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