Sepehr Maghsoudi "The One" Collection

Sepehr Maghsoudi

Salutations Amsterdammers and all you future expats out there. Before leaving for winter holiday, I was invited to fashion designer Sepehr Maghsoudi’s intimate viewing of his 18th collection - "The One" and of course I captured it all to report back to you!


The One Collection

The couture show, art exhibition and design event held at The Statenlogementin Monument in Hoorn, which is approximately 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam was certainly worth the trek. It’s the second show I’ve seen by Sepehr Maghsoudi and I was not disappointed. Ten looks rich in color and texture inspired by indigenous tribes graced the catwalk. I was particularly impressed with the intricate beading and hand-made flower application.


Art + Design

Once the couture portion of the show concluded we were ushered over to Maghsoudi’s boutique which doubles as his workroom and a gallery for his orignal art work. TThere we sipped champagne and perused his designs from past to present and examined his artwork. The staff was lovely and Maghsoudi was a gracious host. I look forward to seeing more of this rising star's work!

What was your fashion highlight this week? Drop a comment down below. We'd love to here from you!



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